Dwarven Faith

The dwarves think that the world was crafted by the Craftsmaster. This is the god of creation. He sits at his forge that is the sun and creates the things of the world. They also worship the Hearthmaster who is the god of family and protecting your own, the Oathmaster the giver of law and patron of leadership, and the Warmaster the god of weapons and fighting. Also there is, the Lurker in the Dark Depths, who dwells in the deep ocean and despises the Sun.
They believe that the Craftmaster forged the world and the other Gods. The sparks from his living forge spit life upon the land of the world and the creatures were born. But from the water where he quenched his creations the Lurker in the Dark Depths was formed. And the Lurker stole the essence of life from some of the sparks and snuffed it in the water creating the creatures of the sea. Seeing what happened the Craftmaster crafted the Dwarves to combat the creatures of the deep and to lead the creatures of the land, and to create upon the world. The rest of the material used to create the dwarves was scattered about the land and became the other light races. But again the Lurker in the Dark Depths stole some of the material as it came to the earth and created the dark races and the races of the sea. Seeing this, the Craftmaster and his children, the other Gods, caught the Lurker in the Dark Depths and the Craftmaster made a prison for him and set him at the deepest part of the sea.
The dwarven legends tell that there was once more land that sea, and that the greatest mountains once rose higher than the greatest depths. And that the dwarves delved all over and crafted many great wonders of the world. But the Lurker in the Dark Depths found those among the races of the light that would listen to his lies. And he convinced them to open his prison and he came forth and nearly flooded the world. The Craftmaster and other gods sealed him back in his prison just before it was too late with the help of the greatest dwarven heroes.
Dwarves believe that they were given their natural abilities to help them combat the Lurker and to aid them in crafting. Their darkvision allows them to see even when the Lurker would blind them. Their stonecunning (which in the Great Sea also allows them a bonus to tell depth under water and water current direction) prevents them from being confused by the Lurker and helps in finding the material they need for crafting.
The dwarves have two factions and two great kingdoms. There is the Sundome home land of the dwarves and there is Stoneshell the young kingdom. The dwarves of the Sundome feel that it is their duty to protect the homeland of the dwarves and to prevent the evils of the Lurker from taking more of the land. They attack the goblinoids on sight and believe that there are evil things under the oceans. The dwarves of the Stoneshell felt that they were letting the Lurker take too much. And so they left too seek a way to turn back the oceans.
The Sundome dwarves belong to both clan and guild. Each dwarf is a member of a clan by birth or marriage and is a member of a guild by choice and ability. Each clan is lead by a Thane. Each guild is lead by a guild master. The Thanes meet in council and decide clan matters and the guild masters meet in council and decide guild matters. At these councils all the dwarves of the clans or guilds involved may attend. If there is something that involves all dwarves, there is a great council where all the Thanes and Guildmasters meet, and all dwarves attend. A dwarf may not hold both titles at once.

Dwarven Gods and their Domains

All – Dwarf, Good, Cavern
Craftmaster: Craft, Metal, Rune, Earth, Fire, Sun
Hearthmaster: Family, Renewal, Retribution, Healing, Protection
Oathmaster: Nobility, Knowledge, Law, Trade, Planning
Warmaster: Destruction, Strength, War

A dwarven cleric must choose one God from which his first two domains are chosen, but may then choose domains from any of the dwarven Gods.

Dwarven Faith

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