(Inspiration – Renaissance France and Spain)



Type of Government:


Ruler or Rulers:

King Jean-Luis Martin

Rulers Reputation:

He is a very young man (18) and considered very under experienced.

Veiw of the Common People: He does not care about the common man’s plight, he is a spoiled noble brat that has no idea who the common people are. He is sometimes cruel and sometimes kind, but with no consistancy. He is not well liked.

View of the Aristocracy: He is a puppet of the Primarch. He can be easily manipulated and controled. He is at times stubborn and moody, however, he can be made to believe and do most things that they wish. He is also a convenient scape goat for any unpopular descisions that they make.


Trade, Denovian


The Church of the Mother Goddess is the only religion sanctioned by the government. Practice of any other faiths is not only rejected by the Church but is illegal.


Leoness is best known for its fine cloths. They produce a wider range of dyes and types of cloth than any other nation. They have wool, cotton, and flax. Their proximity to the Elven empire has allowed them to get exclusive trade agreements for their silks and some other goods.


The islands of Leoness are moutainous but they have large fields that are ideal for growing feed crops for livestock, as well as cotton and flax. The climate is mild but somewhat dry.

Flora and Fauna:

Sheep, cows, and other herd animals dominate the countryside. In the forests deer and elk can be found as well as wolves and cugars. The forests tend to be deciduous forests with large oak trees.


In the last 50 years the church has had an ever increasing amount of influence in Leoness. The previous two rulers both had very short reigns, and were not very strong rulers. The current King was selected because of his blood line. He was a minor noble when the last King died, leaving no heirs, he was an old man who had many years ago lost his family in a fire. The last King was the Uncle of the Previous Queen, and he inherited when she died, having been lost at sea. The currant King was the previous Kings 3rd cousin, he is also related to the Queen of Rasten. She is a 6th cousin of his. These connections, as well as his connections with the Primarch, assured his corronation.



Lyon – Capital City
Bromwich – Large port city
Angers – Mid sized port


The Great Sea eyager