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The Great Sea is a campaign setting that is set in a time similar to our renaissance, but where magic is evolving along side of science. Sailing ships will be found alongside ships that use magic for propulsion. Swashbucklers will use both a pistol and a magic wand. Kings must rule by the sword as well as by the spell.

The known world is represented by six different kingdoms; Leoness, where a teenage king is manipulated by the hand of the Church of the Mother Goddess; Rasten, where a Queen rules with an iron hand over a people who believe she is a born ruler; Urdu, where a nation has broken into several city-states all struggling for control; Talnest’olinor where elven emperors have ruled for time immemorable; Balinor, where dwarves hide their kingdom in ice and stone; and Nakadoon, an empire of the savage goblin tribes.

Powerful organizations span between the different kingdoms; merchant guilds that control different goods and the ships to transport them; pirates whose ships raid the waters of the nations for prizes; and societies of all kinds with their own special interests.

It is a world where great achievements in art and science occur alongside achievements in magic, where a beautiful poem might bring as much fame as a powerful spell. It is a land where adventure awaits.

In order to achieve the aims of this settings feel some rules adjustments have been made to the standard D&D rules set, and those will be found under the Rules section. Additionally, the section entitled The World will contain those elements that make up the feel of the setting.

The following are different sections relating to the setting:

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