(Inspiration – Renaissance England)

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Type of Government:


Ruler or Rulers:

Queen Francesca Corbin

Rulers Reputation:

View of the Common Person: She is a strong and capable Queen. She rules with a fair and just hand if not a kind one. She does not allow other rulers or nobles to get the better of her. The common people are proud of her and have faith in her.

View of the Aristocracy: She is a shrewd and manipulating woman. She will use you if need be to further her aims for the nation. She keeps few friends but most do not wish to be her enemy. The aristocracy both fear her and respect her abilities.


Anduin, Trade


The Church of the Mother Goddess, the main human religion is the most common on Rasten. However, a view of relgious tolerance is held by the Queen and most other religions are tolerated if practiced in moderation. The Church feels that this view is close to herresy and speaks out agains all other religions on Rasten at every opportunity. In rural communities other faiths such as Naturism that is practised by druids is practiced.


Rasten’s major trade goods are iron, steel and other metals. They also trade in wool and some hard woods. Rasten is also known for its ale, as well as its wheat.


Rasten is a mountainous set of islands with communities that span the altitude range. Highlanders and Lowlanders are how the people refer to each other. Coastal communities refer to the backwardsness of the highlanders, and the Mountain communities refer to the softness or laziness of the lowlanders.

Flora and Fauna:

Rasten is a mix of highland farming communities and costal communities. It has high mountains and
in the mountain valleys is where the wheat is grown. Rasten does not have great grazing land and must move its herds through moutain passes. This is why the herd animal of choice is the sheep. Although there are a few who raise cattle for meat, most just have a few for milk. Otherwise sheep and goats milk are more common. In the high mountains is also where iron and pressious metal mines can be found, along with the mining towns that grow up around the locations.


Rasten has a long fuedal history, and has been united under one governement for many hundreds of years. There is a fierce sense of national pride that runs through its people. The royal lines of it families go back farther than those of most other human nations. In ancient times tribal raiders would sail forth from the islands of Rasten to raid the nearby island communities. They practiced the faith of Naturism and believed that life was a balance between forces. To the present day there are members and small communities and hidden cults that practice the old ways. Over the centuries it has warred with the Goblinoid Nation of Nakadoon many times and they are still bitter rivals. Additionally, they have in the past warred with Urdu. At one point Urdu was so strong as to have held some control over Rasten, and had sacked its Capital city of the time. Rasten was also the first nation to trade and work with the Dwarves of Balinor. Its current Queen has been in power for over 30 years and her father was King for 40 years before her. The current Royal family has been in power for more than 200 years.




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