Talenest'olinor (Talenest)

(Inspired by Imperial China)

Elf king


Type of Government:


Ruler or Rulers:

Emperor Quen’otur Nostarionus

Rulers Reputation:

The emperor has ruled the elven lands for over a thousand years. He is the direct decendant of the only line of elven rulers. He is thought of as nearly a god by his people. His word is law, there is no question of obediance. Traditions and rituals rule his peoples way and their lives. Practiced obediance is the mind set of all of the people.


Quen’eleron (Elven), Trade


The Elven Faith is centered around the Emperor, with the elven pantheon of gods worshiped by all elves. Different elves choose different patron gods as befits their chosen path, however, most elves choose to vernerate all of the gods of the pantheon, offering prayers to whichever god is most appropriate to the situation. The elven gods are Talemor, Celestra, Kalemfast, Qwe’anor, and Xalaster with Orlack being their diety of evil and not actively worshiped at all by elves.


The land of the elves is rich in unique resources. They have an abundance of unusual plants and animals in comparison to the rest of the world. Some of their unique resources include silk, bamboo, a great many spices, mithril (in this setting it is more like damascuss steel (folded steel) and unique because of the process that makes it, not the material itself), and their seed ships. The elves also have a great academy of magic and have more arcane spellcasters than any other race. They export most of their goods and trade for those things that they do not have, such as breads and seed grains not found on their islands, raw iron, and gems.


There are many elven islands in the empire. They range from nearly flat to mountainous. They have a wide range of growing seasons, and grow many crops. The climate is mostly temperate and arable land but in the upper ranges can be alpine forests.

Flora and Fauna:

Bamboo forests, great apes, and giant birds. These and many other unusual flora and fauna populate the elven islands. The elves have a far different set of usual creatures in comparison to the rest of the world.


The elven empire is extremely old, even by elven standards. The elves have stories of before the floods, in times long ago. In those times there were more than one elven kingdom. The first elves, those created directly by the gods, each had their own land. In the war to drive back Orlack, many of the first elves were lost. The remaining two began the elven empire by uniting all of the elven people together, and through their marriage. This began the elven Imperial line. The elves of today still worship the Emporer and Emperess as demigods and the direct creations of the gods themselves. The elven subraces show the differences in the families of the first elves. The union of the first Emperor and Emperess created the subrace refferred to as the Gray Elves. The high elves are a conglomerate of several of the refugee elves. The wood elves and the wild elves are each pure bloodlines of one of the first elves.



Talenest'olinor (Talenest)

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