(Inspiration – Renaissance Italy)


Type of Government:

Five independent city-states make up Urdu. Each differs in its form of Government. There is a council formed from the governments of all five city-states that meets to address issues that concern Urdu as a whole and to handle inter-city conflicts and relations.
Varda – A principality, lead by a Prince.
Denesto – A republic, each district of the city has a representative Senator that votes for them.
Grappa – A principality, lead by the Primarch of Urdu
Annato – A principality, lead by a Princess
Parmeta – A democracy of the citizens. To be a citizen of Parmeta you must be a landholder. This means that it is mostly the nobility that make up the government.

Ruler or Rulers:

Varda – Prince Teodoro Orvinio
Denesto – The Senate which is composed of 25 members.
Grappa – Brother Giovanni de Rossini
Annato – Princess Nicolina Michela San Nazzaro
Parmeta – Several hundred citizens that form the voting body.

Rulers Reputation:

Varda – The Prince is known as an expansionist. It is known that he would like to find a way to unite all of Urdu under his rule. He is a greedy and capricious man.
Denesto – The Government is thought to be slow and confused, and easy to manipulate. The different Senators each represent different city interests so there is regular disputes and the government is continually pulling in different directions.
Grappa – The Primarch is content with his state as it is. He does not contend with others in order to expand his borders. He is happy to have the Church in charge of a State of its own. He inherited the title when the royal family of Grappa died, as he was the Brother of the Prince.
Annato – The Princess is a narcisitic woman who believes the world revovles around her concerns. She does not identify with her people. The nobility finds her to be somewhat stupid and self absorbed.
Parmeta -The nobility and merchant families rule the government, which gives it a complacent feel. Trade and commerce as well as taxes fills the governments concerns and bureaucracy is rampant. The government works hard to keep status quo.


Trade, Esparino


The Church of the Mother Goddess is the official religion in each of the City-states, except Denesto which has an open view on religion. Grappa is the strongest supporter of the Church and no other reliegions are tolerated there.


Urdu is a great producer of food and that is one of its major exports. They are known for their fruits (grapes, and citrus), their olives and most of all their wine (which is the best human wine made, and the best grape wine). Many artists are found throughout Urdu. The nobles each attempt to outdo each other with the quality of painting, sculpture, and architecture that they have commissioned. An artist with the patronage of a great house is well cared for. Music is also a great and popular form of art, and those who compose music and orchestras that perform music are maintained by each of the major houses as well.


The islands of Urdu are mostly rolling hills and crop lands. The climate is usually very mild and they have an excellent growing season. Most food crops thrive in the climate. On some of the smaller islands the climate gets wetter and it leads to more marshland or bayou typw areas.

Flora and Fauna:

Most flora and fauna are demestocated. Very few wild animals or plants remain except in the marshlands of Urdu.


Urdu was once a united kingdom that even had some control in Rasten and Leoness. This great Empire was rulled by a single royal line for nearly 500 years, but that was many centuries ago. The last Emporer (The Third Emporer) died without a direct hier, but there were many that claimed relation to him. The Empire fractured apart with different royals claiming the right to inherit. To this day most of the noble family lines throughout the Great Sea are tied together with tracing their lineage back to the Imperial line. The fracturing of the Empire went so far as to break apart the Nation of Urdu into city-states. Each of which has now gathered a small amount of land and other surrounding communities to it.


Parmeta -




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